Mission Area Cribbage Schedule 2022/2023

Sign-up begins@ 12:30 pm          Play starts @ 1:30 pm                              


Leisure Valley                                       Thursday, December 1

Sleepy Valley                                        Thursday, December 15

Golf View                                               Thursday, January 5

Hidden Valley                                         Thursday, January 19

Enchanted Valley                                   Thursday, February 2

Bentsen Palm                                        Thursday, February 16

Trade Winds                                           Friday, March 3

Mission Bell                                            Friday, March 17


Check-in time begins at 12:30 and play starts at 1:30.  You will

need a partner to play.  No beginners please!

For information, call Joe Roberts @ 583-2852

Host parks; try to have a couple of players in reserve.  If there

is an uneven number, someone from the host park will need

to drop out.