Hidden Valley Ranch

Pegs and Jokers

When: Sunday
Where: Recreation Hall
Time: 6:30 PM

CARDS: Use one deck of cards per player. Four or six persons play. DEAL: Deal five- card face down to each player.

PLAY: At each players turn, they play one card and draw a card from the pile. You move according to the card you play. You place the card which matches your play, face up on your discard pile. An Ace or face card is needed to move a peg out of home to the start point which is tbe hole immediately in front of home, Home is the cross shape & ‘Castle’ is the L or curve shon your board. When all of your pegs have been moved from ‘home’ to your ‘castle’, you must assist your partner on year left. You cannot jump your own peg except when using a joker. You may jump or land on and bump a partner or foe. The partners bumped peg moves to the doorway their Castle’. The foe’s peg goes back. “Home’ and they must start over. If you cannot play, you discard a card and draw another card and the next player plays. When you move into your ‘Castle’, it must be by the number shown on the card you played. If you cannot enter using a full card count, you pass up your ‘castle’ and continue moving around the board. SOME PLAY THAT YOU SIT AT YOUR CASTLE UNTIL YOU CAN ENTER. You cannot skip your tum. If you have any play, you MUST play


ACE: Moves 1 space or moves peg out of ‘Home’ to ‘starting point’.

FACE CARDS: Moves 10 spaces or moves peg out of ‘home’ to ‘starting point’. Some play that the value of the Jack is 11, the Queen is 12 and the King is 13. 2,3,4,5,6,9,l0: Move face value.

NINE: Some play that the nine can be split between two of your pegs. First part of the split goes forward and the remaining part of the split goes backwards.

SEVEN May move 7 spaces or move may be split in any way between two of your pegs. You may also use part of a 7 to move your last peg into your ‘Castle’ and the remaining count to move a peg of your partner to your left. The full count must be used.

EIGHT: Moves backwards 8 spaces anywhere on the board. You cannot move backwards into your ‘Castle’.

JOKERS: May be used by moving a peg from any place on the board (preferably from home) and bumping any peg (other than your own) on the board. The use of the Joker must always involve two pegs or more. If you bump a partner, their peg moves to their ‘Castle’ doorway while a foe’s peg goes back to their ‘Home’.

WINNER: The team getting all their pegs into their ‘Castle’s’ first wins.

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