Hidden Valley Ranch


When: Tuesday
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Recreation Hall

Please arrive to play no later than 6:15 PM so the person in charge has time to arrange the playing tables.

When you arrive please sign the SIGN UP SHEET (one person per line) so person in charge knows how many players are present.


This game is similar to Hand & Foot.

There is NO BURNING OR BURYING of cards after a book is make. SEVEN’s can never be discarded and you cannot go out when you have a SEVEN in you hand. When you get three SEVEN’s you can start another book.

The number of decks used is 1 per person playing plus 1 extra, however you may use 7 decks for 4-6 people playing.

Play is in teams with 1 person handling cards that are laid down. Four – eight people may play.

Play begins with each player counting out two stacks – one on the right must have 13 cards, the one on the left must have 11 cards. When dealing you 2 stacks, if you picked up the exact number of cards for the 2 hands, you get a bonus 100 points, for your team. Players trade their counted cards with players on each side, 13 cards (HAND) to the right and 11 cards (FOOT) to the left, so that each player has a stack of 11 and 13 cards. The 13 stack is considered you HAND and must be played first. The 11 stack is your FOOT.

The first player starts by turning up 5 cards as the discard pile. If a 7 is turned up, it must be put back in the stack and another card turned up. The player to their left begins play. If the player has the amount of meld (you may count the top card – in the discard pile – in your meld) and 2 natural cards matching the card on top, he may pick up the stack and proceed with playing. If the player does not have meld or does not have 2 matching cards to the top card on the discard pile, he must draw 2 cards to the off the draw stack. Anytime a player picks up the discards, he must take 5 cards (this includes the top card). Players are not allowed to look down into the discard stack to see what has been discarded. They have to remember. If the discard pile does not contain 5 cards, and a player takes the top card, he may take the remainder of the 5 cards from the draw piles. They must show these cards to the other players. Wild cards on the top may be picked up with 2 wild cards in there hand. These can only be used to start a book of wild cards . You cannot use the wild cards with other cards in your hand if you have picked them up by the top card.

Player discards 1 card to end this turn.

Meld: Any member of the team may meld. If a player has enough to meld, they may count the top card of the discard stack.

1st hand 90 points

2nd hand 120 points

3rd hand 150 points

4th hand 180 points

Card count;

Ace & Two Twenty points

Three – Seven Five Points

Eight – King Ten Points

Joker Fifty Points

Black three caught in hand is 5 points against

Red three caught in hand is 500 points against.

Red book made on board is 500 Points

Black Book made on board is 300 Points

Team going out ears 100 bonus points.

Required books for game.

3 Red books (1 has to be sevens, 1 book of wild cards and 1 book other book with no wild cards)

2 Black books.

Any required books that have not been made when the other team goes out must be counted against you.

The points are counted the same as hand and foot – you count books, then count points of each card in the books.

Wild cards – Deuces (two’s) and Jokers are wild. You may used three wild cards on a book, but you can only add them when you one more natural than you do wild cars.

MAKING BOOKS – When one team member closed (makes a book), he cannot make another until each of his team members has made a one. When each team member has made a book, you may resume making as many books as you can.

After a player has made a book and discarded they may pick up their foot. You may also pick up your foot when you run out of cards.

GOING OUT – Player must make the required books as stated above. Ask your team members if it is OK for you to go out, then you may play out or discard out.

If a player has only 7’s in his hand & cannot discard, this round of play is automatically ended. If he has four 7’s, they may lay down 3 before plays ends. No team gets 100 points for going out. Each team counts their books and points.

If all cards from pickup piles are depleted, play ends and both teams count books and points.


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