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2015 Main Building Beautification

I think the end has come to all the confusion and mess. Bulletin boards are finally up and the majority of items needing to be posted are up on the boards. You may need to look around for some items, but I believe they will be easily found. Notice the clipboard pockets under events that need to have sign up sheets. I think it will make things neater and more consolidated. I am sure there are a few things missed, so don’t be afraid to bring it to our attention. Also, let’s keep the laundry room boards clean by submitting any business recommendations (medical, restaurants, auto care, vets and etc) to “Who’s Good” on our hvrpoa.com website. And please say “thank You” to Gary & Sandy Kienast and Vern Drescher for all their hard work on the bulletin boards. Thank you everyone for your patience.

Earl & Vicki Deno

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3 thoughts on “2015 Main Building Beautification

  • Karol Lippert

    Thanks to all the volunteers. Our clubhouse looks incredible — all fresh and clean. I love the colors and the organization.

  • Gayle constable

    Very nice. Big thanks to all for their hard work!

  • Pat Wilber

    Wow!!! I am impressed!


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