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Christmas Angel project 2010

18 Food baskets were packed and delivered to families of Flores Elementary School.

The Christmas Angel Volunteers fill each Christmas Bag
with candy, an apple, and a small toy. A yarn ornament,
made by Diana Tansel, was attached to each bag. For the last
two years, Ceil Shillair has made over 200 Christmas bags,
which are given to all “OUR” children, plus other children
in the neighborhoods.

Ceil Shillair has taken care of the children’s gifts for several years.
We now “color code” the gifts by families, making it easier to keep
track of the gifts, purchased by residents of Hidden Valley Ranch.

The children of Flores Elementary School presented a Christmas
program to residents of Hidden Valley Ranch. After the program,
Christmas Angel volunteers served punch, coffee, and cookies.

The Angel vollunteers delivered food baskets and gifts to 18 families.
These deliveries were made in two afternoons.

On February 18, twenty-two Christmas Angel Volunteers attended
the Winter Texans Appreciation Luncheon, which was held at the
Old Juarez Lincoln cafeteria, at La Joya.

At this time, I would like to give out a Thank You to everyone
who helped in one way or another: donating money for food,
buying gifts for the children, Church of the Bread of Life for all the
beautiful quilts and others who donated blankets, for all the dozens of
cookies donated for the Christmas Program, all my
Angel Volunteers, and a BIG Thank You to Ceil and Edie
for everything they do.

Janet Hinds, Christmas Angel Volunteer

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