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January 2013 Winter Texan Music Cruise to the Caribbean.

This is a re-post of the Winter Texan Music Cruise

I have changed the way the flyer will be viewed.


Ray Fink


Here is more information on the Winter Texan Music Cruise-bk
Notes:  Listed prices are PLUS taxes and Port fees of $217 per person
Listed prices DO include the special Performance Entertainment Package
Ship occupancy is approximately 3690
The Carnival ship
MAGIC is brand new and scheduled to launch this summer, 2011.
It is recommended to purchase the travel insurance.
It is estimated that the bus-ground transportation to Galveston will be about $100 per person, round trip.

If people who are interested would like to be contacted by the tour company, they may send us their contact information and we will pass it along to the tour company, OR they can contact the tour company directly.

Just be sure to mention HIDDEN VALLEY RANCH, MISSION TX so we may qualify for in-park bus pickup and return.

If you have any questions, contact us by phone or E-mail and we will try to get the answers.

Dave and Patty Peterson

956-583-1661 TX

816-524-6326 MO



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