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Valentines Day Dinner Theatre Feb 14th 2012

The Valentine Day’s Dinner Theater  was a huge success.  First everyone was served a delicious lasagna dinner.  Then everyone was treated with the dinner theater. The Cast of characters were as follows:

Cupid              –  Herb

Cupid’s Helper – Karen Freilinger

Prosta              – Tom West

Loita                – Rita Lorsung

Bubbles           – Joe Roberts

Susie Q            – Darlene Roberts

Kitty Kat          – Judy Hamilton

Cora Lee          – Carol Rait

Sparkle Plenty  – Peggy Schroeder

Cream Puffs     – Lee Schroeder

Baby Cakes      – Judy Lungo

Big Spender     – Mike Yost


Music by

Jessica Greene, Jean and Dick Calussen, Karen and Wilbert Schoenrath

Stage Hands

Steve Frailinger and Roy Hamilton

One thought on “Valentines Day Dinner Theatre Feb 14th 2012

  • pat christy

    enjoyed the show and the food—good job by all. please put me on your e-mail list. pat


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