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Water problem in HVR

To All HVR Owners,

It was brought to my attention today, 02/19/11, that the water in the park was “silty”. The sample given to me was cloudy, and the water filter, that came with it, was plugged with silt.

I went to Jack Martin and made him aware of our concerns, I showed him the water sample and filter. He told me that the at this situation is unavoidable for as long as the new water system is under construction. He also stated that this construction and water cutoffs would continue for the next 9 months.

I asked if he could see to it that after each shutdown and repressurization that the water lines be flushed out to help alleviate the problem. He said he would look into it and ask that it be done.

He recommends that HVR owners flush their lines into their properties after each loss of water. He said to open an outside water faucet and let it run until the water runs clear. This will keep the silty water from getting to your interior water system.

Mr. Martin apologizes for the inconvenience to all, but this is unavoidable during the water change over.

PLEASE let your neighbors without internet know about the above. This note will also be in the next Hidden Highlights in hopes of reaching every one.

Mike Yost, HVR Board of Directors
approved by Jim Reiland, Pres

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